‘Smart’ Traffic Signals Coming to Port Orange, Fla.

Resident complaints have helped prompt the installation of adaptive traffic signals throughout town.

(TNS) — PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Something must be wrong with the traffic signals.

To Kimberly Dotson, it's the only way to explain why she's forced to stop so frequently — and for so long — through several red and green light cycles at the same intersection on Dunlawton Avenue.

"I sit at the light waiting to go and it will change (red again) after only letting three cars through," she said. "That tells me the timing is off. Three cars is not enough."

The problem that frustrates Dotson and many other motorists who pack the east-to-west corridor stems from outdated technology. Conventional traffic lights — the standard in Volusia, everywhere in Flagler County and 90 percent of intersections throughout the country — operate based on signal timings that could have been set years ago and don't adapt to rush hour, economic growth along a roadway or traffic lulls. That's why you sometimes sit at a red light even though no cars are approaching the intersection and why a turn signal only stays green for a few seconds.

The good news: A better system that's rapidly spreading throughout the state is, coming, eventually, to Dunlawton and State Road 44 in DeLand.

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