So Where Are The Jobs?

Dan Burstein, reporter, novelist and successful venture capitalist, declared at RobotLab‘s winter forum on Autonomous Transportation & SmartCities that within one hundred years the majority of jobs in the USA (and the world) could disappear, transferring the mantle of work from humans to machines. 

Burstein cautioned the audience that unless governments address the threat of millions of unemployable humans with a wider safety net, democracy could fail. The wisdom of one of the world’s most successful venture investors did not fall on deaf ears.

They suggest that robots should be looked at as augmenting humans, not replacing them. “Look for ways to help humans perform their most human and most valuable work better,” says Davenport and Kirby. Their book suggests that in order for human society to survive long-term a new social contract has to be drawn up between employer and employee. The authors optimistically predict that to “expect corporations’ efforts to keep human workers employable will become part of their ‘social license to operate.”

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