Startup Digitizes 17 Cities' Zoning Codes, Aiming to Answer Developers' and Governments' Questions

Local zoning codes tend to be a little complicated. So when somebody wants to use a zoning code to figure something out — a developer trying to figure out where they can build, or a city leader who wants to understand what the impacts of a policy change would be — it can take a lot of work.

It’s exactly the kind of complicated process that can benefit from dynamic, digital technology.

There’s a startup in California, about a year old, trying to apply that ethos to zoning. So far, it’s digitized the zoning codes of 17 cities, including Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, generating interactive maps that users can customize with requests to see only certain kinds of zones, federally designated “opportunity zones” and other features.

Chandler, Ariz., May Be the First City to Adjust Zoning Laws for AVs Mapping Displacement in San Francisco And because’s customers are “generators of product” like real estate developers, it doesn’t charge cities for the digitization or to use the software.

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