Copenhagen shares takeaways from its City Data Exchange

The report notes: “The CDE has closed a gap in regional data infrastructure. Both public and private sector organizations have used the CDE to gain insights into data use cases, new external data sources, GDPR issues, and to explore the value of their data. Before the CDE was launched, there were only a few options available to purchase or sell data.”

Data-sharing challenges

The City and the Region of Copenhagen are using the insights from the CDE project to improve their internal activities and to shape new policies. The lessons so far can also provide insights into a wider national, and potentially global, infrastructure for effective data sharing. 

The report states: “Many companies, and organisations have been part of the CDE journey, of which some are even selling data to each other today. There is a need to create a larger data-sharing community and to work on the use cases.”

The CDE team has pinpointed key challenges such as an immature data market, fragmented data landscape, reluctance to share data due to concerns about privacy and competitor access, and a data skills gap.

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