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20 takeaways from Meeker’s 294-slide Internet Trends report

This is a must-read for understanding the tech industry. We’ve distilled famous investor Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report down from its massive 294 slides of stats and charts to just the most important insights. Click or scroll through to learn what’s up with internet growth, screen addiction, e-commerce, Amazon versus Alibaba, tech investment and artificial intelligence.

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This 'Smart City' in China Is Controlled By An Artificial Intelligence | IFLScience

The government of the city of Hangzhou – home to over 9 million people – collaborated with Alibaba and Foxconn to build the “City Brain” project. The metropolis would be, from that moment forth, at least partly run by an AI that absorbed every last drop of data it could get its virtual hands on.

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Nvidia picks up Alibaba and Huawei as partners for smart city platform | TechCrunch

Metropolis has picked up two new partners in Alibaba and Huawei, and Nvidia, a GPU-based intelligent monitoring tool, is also announcing that it’s including its DeepStream software development kit in the generally available version of Metropolis.

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