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Moovit Talks Urban Infrastructure Planning |

Just like cars on a highway at rush hour, transformation in city and infrastructure planning is not moving fast enough to get people where they need to go — and it’s about to become more of a problem, if Moovit Co-Founder and CEO Nir Erez is correct.

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Waymo’s self-driving cars are now fully autonomous, public ride service launching soon | Electrek

Waymo’s self-driving cars are now transporting passengers without a human behind the wheel - these fully autonomous rides will expand to the public as part of a ride-hailing service in the coming months.

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Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs strikes deal to turn 800 acres of Toronto into an ‘internet city’ - The Verge

Sidewalk Labs, the smart city subsidiary of Alphabet with the stated goal of “reimagining cities from the Internet up,” now has a very big sandbox in which to conduct its high-tech experiments. The Google spinoff announced a deal with the city of Toronto to develop 800 acres of waterfront property into its own digital utopia.

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