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20 takeaways from Meeker’s 294-slide Internet Trends report

This is a must-read for understanding the tech industry. We’ve distilled famous investor Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report down from its massive 294 slides of stats and charts to just the most important insights. Click or scroll through to learn what’s up with internet growth, screen addiction, e-commerce, Amazon versus Alibaba, tech investment and artificial intelligence.

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3 ways local governments can make their state or city more startup-friendly in 2018 | VentureBeat

Contrary to popular belief, government bureaucrats aren’t trying to thwart entrepreneurs at every turn. The state and local government officials I meet with in my role as a vice president for an economic development organization in St. Charles, Missouri, increasingly see startups as important to the future of their economy. They understand that encouraging entrepreneurship is key to maintaining a strong employer base.

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City of Kansas City with Xaqt Case Study - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Xaqt provides an urban analytics and intelligence platform that helps policymakers better innovate how cities function. Xaqt delivers its services using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides the agility and scalability required by its growing roster of smart city clients—without the cost and complexity of managing traditional infrastructure. 

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