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Startup Digitizes 17 Cities' Zoning Codes, Aiming to Answer Developers' and Governments' Questions

Local zoning codes tend to be a little complicated. So when somebody wants to use a zoning code to figure something out — a developer trying to figure out where they can build, or a city leader who wants to understand what the impacts of a policy change would be — it can take a lot of work.

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New research reveals which cities can benefit most from IoT

Boston, Chicago and Atlanta top a list of 50 cities expected to make the most of emerging smart city and Internet of Things technologies. This map illustrates the cities expected to benefit most from smart city technology.

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New research shows these ten cities poised for greatest ROI in Smart City technologies

Compass Intelligence, a global consulting and analytics firm, has released its Smart City Benefits Index to put a spotlight on the 50 U.S. cities with the most potential to benefit from the Internet of Things and other smart city technologies.

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Austin is getting its own “smart” street

Smart city technology is a burgeoning but embryonic field: Kansas City has its “Living Lab,” New York City has its LinkNYC, and Toronto may get an entire Sidewalk Labs–developed smart city tech testing ground—and that’s just to name a few. While each project is different, many involve using a network of sensors, wi-fi stations, and smartphone apps to better connect residents (and tourists) with local businesses, events, and public transportation. Now, Austin is joining this cadre of smart city testers.

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Austin GigaTECHs App Competition Bridges Gap Between City and Local Innovators

Austin’s competition is part of a nationwide initiative that’s being led by US Ignite, a nonprofit organization out of Washington, D.C., that strives to spur next-generation apps that would be foundational elements for smart communities powered by ultra-fast, programmable fiber and wireless networks.

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