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Lawmakers create grant program to spread broadband in Missouri

House Bill 1872 creates the the Missouri Rural Broadband Development Fund, but it will rely on appropriations. The grant would fund a maximum of 50 percent of a project provide a maximum $2.5 million to a given project.

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Connecting Rural America Microsoft Pushes to End Broadband Gap in Rural Areas

OMAHA (DTN) -- Tech giant Microsoft is working to eliminate the broadband gap in rural areas, but the company needs rural residents' help to accomplish that goal, a company executive said on Wednesday. Speaking at the Nebraska Rural Futures Institute on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, Shelley McKinley, Microsoft general manager of technology and corporate responsibility, said high-speed internet in rural areas is now a necessity of life, and the push to expand access is similar to providing electricity to rural areas in the 20th century.

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