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How Smart Transportation and Infrastructure Work Together — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Smart Regions Congress: Panel on Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions Transportation and Infrastructure planning proved to be a high-interest topic at the Smart Regions Congress held last month in Washington, DC.

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Why Gridlock is Killing Our Cities — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Why Gridlock is Killing Our Cities... And How Smart Infrastructure Development Will Save Them. CityFi co-founder Gabe Klein joined a robust conversation around the overwhelming costs of outdated transportation models at last month’s Smart Regions Conference in Washington, DC.

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Inclusive Smart Cities Summit | Urban Gateway

Transportation of the Future - Cities are radically transforming how people are moving around them - from autonomous vehicles, innovations to public transit and the growth of the shared economy. Learn how these changes in transportation will powerfully impact, benefit and challenge all groups, races, and socio-economic classes within a city.

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