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Beyond Boundaries at the Smart Regions Conference Oct 25/26

The second annual Smart Regions Conference invites guests to think BEYOND city limits, beyond bureaucratic silos, beyond party lines, and beyond all of the barriers that hinder the development of smart communities in cities and regions of all sizes.

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250 governments already signed up - are you attending SRC18?

Of those already expected to attend the Second Annual Smart Regions Conference, representatives from more than 98 municipalities, 37 counties, 40 state agencies, 35 regional governments, 10 federal agencies, and dozens of economic development districts will collide with leaders from top technology companies, research institutions, and non-governmental organizations. 

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Explore emerging tech at the Smart Regions Conference "Innovation Corridor"

Join venture capitalists, private equity groups, enterprise innovation groups, institutional accelerators, commercialization programs, startups and more public and private sector stakeholders in exploring firsthand the advanced technologies and emerging innovations moving the smart cities market forward.

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