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7 things to expect at the Smart Regions Conference

New to the conference this year are Shark Tank-style pitches featuring regional teams of public and private partners competing in the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge.

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You’re invited to the second annual Smart Regions Conference!

Mark your calendar for October 25th and 26th and join leaders from across the continent in Columbus, OH for the largest Smart Regions event in North America.

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Smart Regions Conference adds Mayor's Forum and Smart Infrastructure Challenge Pitch Presentations to 2018 event

Speakers, panels, and presentations will explore smart city solutions beyond municipal boundaries, where stakeholders are required to focus on multi-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration while prioritizing cyber-physical security and privacy in planning.

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Oracle redefines Cloud Database category with world’s first autonomous database

Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison announced the availability of the first service based on the revolutionary new Oracle Autonomous Database. The world’s first self-managing, self-securing, self-repairing database cloud service, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, uses machine learning to deliver industry-leading performance, security capabilities, and availability with no human intervention, at half the cost of Amazon Web Services.

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Bridging the American Infrastructure Gap - The 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge

Crumbling infrastructure and depleted government budgets are putting a strain on municipalities, states, and communities across the country. At the same time, advances in technology are creating new opportunities to solve our most pressing needs that can help to alleviate these stresses for agencies and communities.

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Government Agencies Call on Chatbots to Improve Customer Experience | Oracle Blogs

Chatbots, those popular computerized personal assistants already hard at work answering customers’ questions in the retail, banking, and utilities industries, now are popping up in government to make citizen services more accessible.

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