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What Happens When a Bike Lane Isn't for Bikes Anymore - CityLab

How about “light individual transport lane”? Sometimes, you just need a good chat on the bus to get a good idea. That’s what happened to two Portland transit gurus, Sarah Iannarone and Jarrett Walker, when they met on the Oregon city’s 10 bus this Tuesday.

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Global City Teams Challenge: Tech Jam in Portland, OR (June 20-22)

The Second Annual Global Tech Jam returns to Portland Wednesday, June 20th - Friday, June 22nd to present the largest forum of its kind for Smart City initiatives. This event will bring together forward-looking municipalities, research institutions, federal agencies, and leading private sector companies.

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These cities are committed to 100% renewable energy

Cities and towns across the United States have assumed a new mantle of leadership over the past year: establishing bold commitments to move away from dirty fuels and repower their communities with 100% clean, renewable energy.

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