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What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages: Jobs lost, jobs gained | McKinsey

In an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence, new research assesses the jobs lost and jobs gained under different scenarios through 2030.

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Microsoft will renovate Silicon Valley campus into its ‘smartest, greenest office yet’ – GeekWire

A week after announcing plans for a historic redevelopment of its original Redmond, Wash., headquarters, Microsoft this morning unveiled plans to overhaul its 32-acre campus in Mountain View, Calif., saying the revamped facility will achieve new environmental milestones for tech office buildings.

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Washington, not Silicon Valley, Leads the way in Cybersecurity

The federal government faces the greatest cybersecurity challenge on the planet: hundreds of thousands of potentially vulnerable endpoints—from phones and laptops to fighter planes and satellite systems. A who’s who of advanced nation state-backed hacking groups are constantly trying to penetrate those endpoints...

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