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Opp Zone leaders eager to activate P3 infrastructure projects

This January, we were happy to co-host the U.S. Opportunity Zone Expo in partnership with the US Dept. of Treasury and the National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance (NIIA). Here are a few takeaways from Venture Smarter’s SVP of Governance and Policy, Rhonda Binda.

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Smart infrastructure challenge announces winners of $50 million in seed funding

StateScoop — Four development teams have taken home top prizes in a competition for advanced infrastructure proposals, each securing up to $10 million in investment capital.

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5 things you didn't know about Israel's smart city efforts

The Israeli people are using their most plentiful natural resource, their brain power, to fuel advancements in multiple disciplines to ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations in their own country and for the benefit of all people spanning the globe.

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