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Cisco to Smart City Planners: Get Started — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

TJ Costello of Cisco expresses allignment with Venture Smarter's priority to address security in connectivity, as well as the critical requirements of data governance policy to position regions for success.  He spoke at the Smart Regions Congress, including the "Internet of Everything, Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions" leadership forum.

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America's Digital Infrastructure Is Crumbling, Too

But in the 21st century, infrastructure is more than concrete and metal. Equally important is the digital infrastructure that underlies America’s economy and governments. In an era when goods, services and ideas are increasingly transported via the internet, the strands of fiber, routers, servers and seemingly endless lines of code that compose our digital highways and hubs are quickly becoming the backbone of U.S. infrastructure -- and it too is crumbling.

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Data Exploration: Neighborhood Crime and Local Business - The MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

Mastercard’s insights and analytical expertise can provide community organizations, residents and urban planners with insights to better promote inclusive growth in American cities. The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth leveraged proprietary aggregated and anonymized transaction insights in tandem with public data on commercial robberies to better understand if there are any relationships between such criminal activity and business closings.

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