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Jean Rice, Broadband Specialist: Bridging the Digital Divide

When it comes to building smart regions, Jean Rice wants to make sure every community knows that they do NOT have to start from scratch.  Rice is NTIA's Senior Broadband Program Specialist for BroadbandUSA (an initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce).

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Connecting Rural America Microsoft Pushes to End Broadband Gap in Rural Areas

OMAHA (DTN) -- Tech giant Microsoft is working to eliminate the broadband gap in rural areas, but the company needs rural residents' help to accomplish that goal, a company executive said on Wednesday. Speaking at the Nebraska Rural Futures Institute on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, Shelley McKinley, Microsoft general manager of technology and corporate responsibility, said high-speed internet in rural areas is now a necessity of life, and the push to expand access is similar to providing electricity to rural areas in the 20th century.

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