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3 Ways Emily Murphy’s GSA is Looking to Innovate Acquisition

In the ongoing movement to transform the government’s digital infrastructure, the General Services Administration is effectively the keystone — and that has presented the agency’s leader Emily Murphy with plenty of opportunities to improve how federal agencies buy technology.

Speaking at the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s Acquisition Excellence conference Tuesday, the GSA administrator outlined several paths she’d like her agency to take to innovate acquisition.

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Funding, fiber, cyber: A recipe for smarter cities -- GCN

For cities across the country to embrace smart technology, the federal government will have to help make that happen, according to experts on a Digitizing Infrastructure panel hosted by The Hill.

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Cyber Security in Smart Cities — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Leaders in the cybersecurity space discuss challenges and opportunities in smart cities and connected communities.

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Washington, not Silicon Valley, Leads the way in Cybersecurity

The federal government faces the greatest cybersecurity challenge on the planet: hundreds of thousands of potentially vulnerable endpoints—from phones and laptops to fighter planes and satellite systems. A who’s who of advanced nation state-backed hacking groups are constantly trying to penetrate those endpoints...

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