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Detroit seeks to become centre for mobility innovation

The head of mobility for Detroit has said the city is seeking partnerships with public and private investors to transform its transport network and connect its citizens for economic growth. “We are constantly thinking through how we can possibly build a bigger potential market,” says Mark de la Vergne, the city’s mobility innovation chief.

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Economic gaps don't close overnight, but tech training helps build a bridge

To want a strong economy is a no-brainer, but such a luxury doesn’t come with a single snap of a hand or passing of a bill. Success always comes at a price; in this case, rapid economic growth in cities is commonly associated with an increased level of income inequality. As the economy grows overall, in other words, those with higher incomes thrive while those with lower incomes remain stagnant

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U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Half A Billion Dollars in Infrastructure Investments to 41 Projects in 43 States

“TIGER grants are targeted investments for our local communities that will increase safety, create jobs and modernize our country’s infrastructure,” said Secretary Elaine L. Chao.More than 64% of this round of TIGER funding was awarded to rural projects, a historic number that demonstrates this Administration’s commitment to supporting the country’s rural communities.

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