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Ford And Pittsburgh Launch First City Of Tomorrow Challenge

Dozens of companies are rushing headlong into a future where they expect that the more than 270 registered vehicles in the U.S. will be scrapped and replaced with shared automated vehicles that do everything from get us to work to deliver our pizzas. If the residents of several west coast cities think the scooters littering their sidewalks are a nuisance, wait until everyone sees what happens if automated vehicles are just thrown out into the world without oversight or coordination. In a bid to head off some of the potential problems now, Ford and Pittsburgh are launching the City of Tomorrow Challenge.

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Top 5 takeaways from Smart Cities New York 2018

Within that spirit of cooperation, private and public-sector leaders said governments and their agencies should be more deliberate about working with private businesses, which often can innovate more quickly and deliver services more cheaply. Columbia, SC Mayor Benjamin said for too long government has been “afraid of public-private partnerships (P3s),”

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Modernizing infrastructure policies to advance public-private partnerships

In an era of political tribalism, infrastructure investment is one of the few areas of American public policy that polls well among everyone. Which makes sense; who doesn’t like the idea of filling potholes, new airport terminals, and water systems that don’t burst?

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Detroit seeks to become centre for mobility innovation

The head of mobility for Detroit has said the city is seeking partnerships with public and private investors to transform its transport network and connect its citizens for economic growth. “We are constantly thinking through how we can possibly build a bigger potential market,” says Mark de la Vergne, the city’s mobility innovation chief.

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$400M Canadian P3 to Advance 5G Test Beds

Canada's federal government, along with the provincial governments in Ontario and Quebec, announced its first public-private partnership (P3) to advance 5G technology innovations.

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Las Vegas pilot will test solar-powered information boards

Las Vegas has invested more than $500 million in smart infrastructure during a short period of time, with the goal of becoming a full-fledged smart city by 2025. The city's Innovation District receives a lot of attention because that's where much of the IoT technologies are tested before being integrated throughout the city.

Much of the focus has been on creating intelligent transportation systems. Las Vegas has more than a dozen connected traffic signals, with plans to install two dozen more to create a "connected corridor." This area provides a solid testing ground for autonomous vehicles, such as the city's driverless shuttle that began service in the fall.

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