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Top 5 takeaways from Smart Cities New York 2018

Within that spirit of cooperation, private and public-sector leaders said governments and their agencies should be more deliberate about working with private businesses, which often can innovate more quickly and deliver services more cheaply. Columbia, SC Mayor Benjamin said for too long government has been “afraid of public-private partnerships (P3s),”

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Modernizing infrastructure policies to advance public-private partnerships

In an era of political tribalism, infrastructure investment is one of the few areas of American public policy that polls well among everyone. Which makes sense; who doesn’t like the idea of filling potholes, new airport terminals, and water systems that don’t burst?

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Global City Teams Challenge: Tech Jam in Portland, OR (June 20-22)

The Second Annual Global Tech Jam returns to Portland Wednesday, June 20th - Friday, June 22nd to present the largest forum of its kind for Smart City initiatives. This event will bring together forward-looking municipalities, research institutions, federal agencies, and leading private sector companies.

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