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Australia launches database for smart cities framework

Australia: The Australian government has launched its first smart city database, which is called the National Cities Performance Framework and is meant to track productivity and progress of the 21 largest cities in the nation.

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Map of the Month: KC Digital Inclusion Map | Data-Smart City Solutions

The KC Digital Inclusion Map, an interactive visualization of Internet speed across Kansas City — the latest winner of Harvard’s Map of the Month — overlays public FCC data on Internet service providers’ (ISP) highest advertised broadband rates with Census poverty data in order to uncover relationships between connectivity and poverty.

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IEEE Standards Fulfill the 2017 World Standards Day Theme: “Standards Make Cities Smarter”

There is a massive investment being made in infrastructure requirements—almost USD $10 trillion is expected to be invested in smart city technologies by the year 2025. So it’s quite appropriate that for this year’s World Standards Day, the focus is on how “standards make cities smarter.”

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