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Pittsburgh Offers Bus Riders Free Bike-Share Trips – Next City

Pittsburgh’s Last-Mile Solution: Free Bike-Share In the latest attempt to solve what’s known as the “last-mile problem” to encourage greater transit use, the Port Authority of Allegheny County has turned to bicycles. The Tribune-Review reports that Pittsburgh’s mass transit agency has partnered with the city’s nonprofit bike-share program to offer free bike rides for Port Authority bus riders.

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Investing in cycling in towns and cities works

Newly released findings show that cycling trips increased across both programmes overall, and also individually in all 18 towns and cities, by different amounts. From automatic count data, there was an overall increase of 29% for the six CDTs in 5.5 years (range across towns: 6% - 59%); and an overall increase of 24% for the 12 CCTs over three years (range across towns: 9% - 62%).

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