Triangle Area Water Supply Monitoring Project (TAWSMP) - Smart Infrastructure Challenge

Watch TAWSM present their vision and compete for $10M+ in project financing this October at the 2018 Smart Regions Conference. 

Among the largest ‘smart cities’ leadership events in North America, the Second Annual Smart Regions Conference will convene leaders from all levels of government and across sectors for morning speakers and panels, an innovation showcase, and the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge awards.

Venture Smarter launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives to create collaboration communities and public-private partnerships that reach beyond municipal limits focused on building smart cities and regions.

We help educate and align leaders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas looking through the lens of smart technologies and policies. Regional Smart Cities Initiatives provide leaders with technology standards, policy frameworks, and resources to research, plan, fund, and deploy solutions that use technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people.