This ‘Airport City’ will include driverless cars and smart tech everywhere | Deseret |

Norway’s Oslo Airport soon won't be just an airport; it will be a city, too.

The Nordic Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects unveiled plans for a new Oslo Airport City that will allow travelers to experience all the typical experiences of visiting an airport with the added attraction of driverless cars and smart technology all around them in an urban setting.

The electric driverless cars could take travelers around the airport, and all of the new features will rely on renewable energy, too.

As Curbed reported, the city, which will be 4 million square meters, will be built next to the airport.

The government plans to use this airport to test driverless cars to see how they fare in an urban setting.

The term “airport city” comes from Dr. John Kasarda of the Center for Air Commerce at the University of North Carolina. He created the term to define airports that include more than just concourses and gates.

Tomas Stokke, the director of the architecture firm, told Travel + Leisure, that this airport city will be different than others around the world in that it will feel more like an actual city.

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