Trump infrastructure plan promises brighter future for rural broadband | Smart Cities Dive

President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited infrastructure plan on Monday. Of the $200 billion in requested federal funding, $50 billion would go to a rural infrastructure program, which would improve broadband internet offerings in rural communities, among other projects.

"It’s been very unfair what’s happened with broadband in terms of the Midwest and rural areas," Trump said to a slew of state governors and local officials when discussing his infrastructure proposal. "[Now] it’s going to be taken care of. We’re spending a great deal of money on that. It’s only fair. They want it. They know how to use it, they want it, and we’re going to get it."

The majority of the $50 billion in funding would be block-granted to states, which the Trump administration said would give "states the flexibility to prioritize their communities’ needs." The rest would be distributed through rural performance grants.

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