Uber opens up data to urban planners

"Urban planners have one of the hardest jobs in government–attempting to predict the future 10, 20, 30 years out so that they can invest in infrastructure to help shape that future.

Their job is made even harder because it’s often difficult to find data on current conditions in a city. One of the most basic data is for accurate travel time between different sections of the city, what planners call ‘traffic analysis zones’. Movement was designed precisely with this long-range planner in mind–it provides free, publicly accessible data on hourly speeds for travel within cities.

That’s something that hasn’t been publicly available before. The data is currently live at movement.uber.com for four cities–Boston, Manila, Sydney, and Washington DC. We’re planning to expand to more cities around the world soon.

Since we’ve launched, we’ve seen thousands of inquiries about the data, not only from public officials, but also from researchers and others interested in transportation from around the world. We’re excited to see all the use cases that develop as we roll it out to wider and wider audiences over time."