Understanding the Internet of Everything — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Why Every Smart Solution Begins with Connectivity Connectivity is the foundation necessary for every smart city solution to scale,” said Venture Smarter founder Zack Huhn, in his opening remarks at the Smart Regions Congress hosted in Washington, DC, last month.

“We must achieve equitable access for all people to the networks and devices they need,” Huhn said. “And then we must connect our infrastructure and our things.”

To understand the daunting scope and value of the “Internet of Everything,” Venture Smarter Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mitch Kominsky, hosted a panel of private and public sector experts - including TJ CostelloTom SynanBob Bennett, Chris Rezendes and André Hentz - discussing Connectivity and Security.

“We know we must connect our people and things, and use the data collected from these vast networks to improve quality of life,” Kominsky said.

However, with more than 1 billion cyber attacks per day, Kominsky cautioned that security must become and remain a priority.

André Hentz, Deputy Under Secretary (Acting) for Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The panel agreed on five important ingredients to achieving smart connectivity.

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