Venture Smarter acquires Venture Strategy Partners, will launch ‘Venture Smarter Labs’

“Venture Smarter helps leaders across agencies and sectors research, develop, fund, and deploy smart strategies and technologies to help create better places to live, work, and visit. This acquisition will help us better support innovators working on projects that share that vision.” said Rhonda Binda, CGO of Venture Smarter.

Venture Smarter CEO Zack Huhn said, “’Labs’ will focus on innovation projects and commercialization. Labs will invest time, dollars, and resources to help innovative companies in the ‘smart technology space’ go to market, handle government and public relations, and navigate growth and funding hurdles.” 

Venture Smarter CSO Mitchell Kominsky elaborated, “‘Labs’ will work with early stage companies as a Chief Strategy Officer, and with investors and funds as a Venture Partner. Labs’ current portfolio of member companies and partners ranges from logistics and transportation technologies to artificial intelligence and quantum computing. We want to build the future, and enable creative innovation across sectors along the way.”

A brand launch with more information about Venture Smarter Labs and its inaugural portfolio of companies and partners will be scheduled for later this year. Venture Smarter Labs will make announcements about “Fund 1” in 2019 ahead of making a series of direct investments in the space. 

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Join us for the 2nd Annual Smart Regions Conference!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Smart Regions Conference!