Venture Smarter Trending: July 2018 Roundup

Lyft Buys the Largest U.S. Bike Sharing Company

Lyft just upped the transportation game in a move that has nothing to do with cars.

Driverless Shuttle Planned for Downtown Columbus

A driverless shuttle bus could be roaming Downtown streets before the end of the year if a new Smart Columbus initiative moves forward as planned.

DARPA Launch Challenge - US DoD

The teams will compete against the “Time Value of Launch,” a new metric of importance that incorporates cost, accuracy, and speed. 


Discover 25 smart and connected projects from around the country

As part of the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge, regional teams of public and private sector partners are competing for $50M+ in project financing and currently preparing to pitch their smart and connected projects this October at the Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, OH.

How Mayors Can Drive Inclusive Growth

In the race to create innovation districts in low-income urban areas, city leaders play a key role. 

In today’s challenging fiscal, political, and economic environment, mayors can play a series of roles to advance the potential of their cities to grow quality jobs, create new economic opportunities for disadvantaged citizens, and generate much needed fiscal revenues.

Once a beacon for e-government, U.S. fails to make top 10 in latest U.N. global report

Fifteen years ago, the United States was the undisputed leader in the evolving world of e-government, where online transactions with government were seen as a powerful engine for improving public services. A new United Nations report shows just how much other nations around the globe have risen up and surpassed the United States in delivering on that vision.

Citibot Lets Your Local Government Respond to Texts With A Smart Chatbot

Text-based chatbot Citibot allows citizens to connect with their local government, both city or county, report issues and ask questions in a conversational manner.