$1 Billion renovation for smart parking

Smart Parking | Reserved Parking

A Mall in LA, Westfield Century City, has unveiled two new parking technologies:

Smart Parking makes parking at the newly renovated Westfield fully digital

Reserved Parking enables visitors to book their own private parking spaces

To use Smart Parking, visitors download the Westfield app from the App Store or Google Play and register their vehicle. Then the system will automatically recognize the auto whenever it enters and exits the property. The car’s license plate is scanned digitally upon departure, and standard parking rates are charged to the credit card on file.  Smart Parking also features:

  1.  No additional surcharges to use Smart Parking
  2.  Visitors will receive a 50% discount for use through December 31, 2017.

To use Reserved Parking, visitors can log on to the Westfield website to book a private parking space in a gated and secured environment. The spot will be clearly identified with a large digital screen labeled with a reserved space number or the visitor’s first initial and last name.

The VIP service costs $20 for the first four hours and $5 for each 30 minutes after that, and is limited to 50 guests at a time on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We are thrilled to introduce new parking solutions that make it easier than ever to find a space and park — and as simple as possible to quickly exit without any hassle when you’re ready to leave,” said Louis Schillace, Westfield Century City’s senior general manager, in a statement.

Westfield Century City’s $1 billion renovation includes doubling the number of parking spaces from 2,400 to nearly 5,000 and increasing entry points, with entrances now open on Avenue of the Stars, Constellation Boulevard, Century Park West and Santa Monica Boulevard.

The 1.3 million-square-foot destination will include more than 200 shops and restaurants.