Why Gridlock is Killing Our Cities — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

Why Gridlock is Killing Our Cities... And How Smart Infrastructure Development Will Save Them. CityFi co-founder Gabe Klein joined a robust conversation around the overwhelming costs of outdated transportation models at last month’s Smart Regions Conference in Washington, DC.

In a panel entitled Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions, Klein said, "Single occupancy vehicles are bankrupting our people, our communities and our government agencies.”

Klein, who is former Commissioner of the Chicago and Washington DC Departments of Transportation, said he founded CityFi to solve 21st century transportation challenges.

“Cities and regions must put people first in decision-making, and utilize new models of technology tools to deliver triple-bottom line results,” Klein said. “Up to now,” he said, “Technology has been an afterthought. We need to build the right infrastructure with new technologies.”

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