Why Resilience in Smart City Projects Directly Impacts Funding — Regional Smart Cities Initiative

On the "Internet of Everything, Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions" panel, Chris Rezendes from Context Labs weighed in alongside TJ Costello (Director of Smart Cities and IoT, Cisco Americas), André Hentz (Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security), Bob Bennett (CIO, Kansas City) and Tom Synan (Chief, Newtown Police Department) to discuss cyber-physical security and mitigating risk.

Understanding the Costs of Cyber Attacks With Moody’s indicating they will begin to factor cybersecurity risks into bond ratings, it has become critical to build resilience into all phases of smart city planning, according to Chris Rezendes of Context Labs.

“Whatever risk models the public or private sectors use now to evaluate investment, add cyber-physical and climate risk mitigation,” Rezendes said.

Speaking as a panelist on The Internet of Everything: Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions, at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC, Rezendes said, “We won’t see capital flow to smart city projects when one cyber attack could destroy an entire investment.”

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