Ohio Turns to Private Sector Data Analytics for Smarter, Safer Transportation
The Ohio Department of Transportation wants better, easier-to-analyze transportation data. For that, it is turning to Inrix and StreetLight Data.

The department has awarded a contract to the two companies to use a suite of data sets and analytics tools meant to provide real-time, granular vehicle information to answer questions for planners and others in the state. The contract is centralized, meaning it will be available to the DOT and other state departments as well as local governments.

It will also include a relatively new Inrix product, called Dangerous Slowdowns, which lets public agencies and drivers know when traffic is rapidly slowing down and creating risk of vehicles slamming into the backs of each other. Inrix announced the product in May.

The data will come from GPS systems in cars and trucks as well as from mobile phones, and it will be anonymous and aggregated, according to StreetLight CEO Laura Schewel. Since it will be available to multiple people with different goals, the idea is to provide lots of data and an engine able to help users query many different kinds of questions.