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It's time to address the standards, risks and norms of investing for impact

While there are some challenges that both investors and businesses face in creating a net positive impact, there are still ways in which we can ensure that investments are positively impacting society.

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Shaping the Future of Impact Investing

From AI to blockchain, what separates the hype from the real opportunities in the new age of investing technology? Join editors from The Economist  and leaders from Venture Smarter, the world's premier financial institutions, wealthiest families, largest companies, most innovative startups and most influential foundations for the third annual Investing for Impact event.

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5 things you didn't know about Israel's smart city efforts

The Israeli people are using their most plentiful natural resource, their brain power, to fuel advancements in multiple disciplines to ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations in their own country and for the benefit of all people spanning the globe.

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