For Institutions

Venture Smarter works with Universities and Research Institutions to build smart and connected communities. Program development, resource aggregation, fundraising support, project marketing, public and government relations, and smart city support. 

Institutions that Venture Smarter enjoy:

  • Resource aggregation

  • Program Development

  • Project Advocacy

  • Fundraising and Research Support

  • Student and Community Engagement

  • Industry and Government Partnerships

  • Teaming Tools

  • Technology Standards for connected campuses

  • Planning Framework for smart cities and connected communities

A Venture Smarter Use Case

WHO - IEEE Standards Association
WHEN - 2017
WHAT - Program Development
PROBLEM(S) - lack of education around available resources, addressable opportunity areas, and possible starting points to build smart cities and connected communities
SOLUTION SET(S) - Integrated Support for government, academic, and industry leaders

OVERVIEW - coalition building, expert research and review, fundraising and strategy, community engagement, project planning and implementation

OUTCOMES - technology standard, planning framework, solution validations/certifications (Fall 2017)

DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Venture Smarter worked with IEEE and several other standards groups to build and deploy open, interaoperable, scalable, agile smart city technology standards coupled with easy-to-navigate planning guidelines for the implementation of solutions in smart cities and advanced facilities. These solutions will allow leaders and residents to enjoy streamlined smart city efforts and solutions city to city, state to state, and region to region.