For Businesses

Venture Smarter works with businesses to support the development of smart cities, connected campuses, and advanced facilities. Businesses in the Venture Smarter ecosystem are both solution providers and solution seekers. They enjoy access to qualified leads and opportunities, solution advocacy, solution validation, direct bid and teaming opportunities, strategic support, and smart city program development or support. 

Businesses that Venture Smarter Enjoy

  • Qualified Leads and New Opportunities
  • Direct Bid Opportunities
  • Teaming Opportunities
  • Solution Validation 
  • Project Advocacy
  • Strategic Support
  • Smart City Program Development

A Venture Smarter Use Case

WHO - smartLINK
WHEN - Q1, Q2 2017
WHAT - Integrated Engagement
PROBLEM(S) - need for teaming, new opportunities, solution advocacy, and strategic support centered around business development
SOLUTION SETS - validation, advocacy, teaming, direct bids, strategic support, program development

OVERVIEW - Venture Smarter worked with smartLINK leaders to plan and deploy market penetration strategies for the smartLINK "MyLo" kiosk that has won international awards for engineering and community impact

OUTCOMES - Increased brand awareness, strategic brand positioning, newly won business (converted leads), industry-leading partnership ecosystem around the smartLINK solution stack

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: smartLINK has increased its sales pipeline by more than $30 million as a result of engaging with Venture Smarter as a channel and strategic partner.