For Governments

Venture Smarter works for and with government agencies to build smart cities and connected communities. The standards driven, agile planning framework developed by IEEE guides best practices support around procurement, project planning, community engagement, and implementation.

Governments that Venture Smarter Enjoy

  • Technology Standards
  • Planning Framework
  • Resource and Information Aggregation
  • Solution Validation
  • Project Advocacy
  • Fundraising Support
  • Leadership Knowledge Sharing
  • Community Engagement 

A Venture Smarter Use Case

WHERE - City of Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana)
WHEN - 2017
WHAT - Community Engagement, Coalition Building, Project Planning and Support
PROBLEM(S) - Lack of information or collaboration among smart city stakeholders required for progress
SOLUTION SET(S) - Planning framework, resource aggregation, leadership alignment, community engagement, project advocay

OVERVIEW - Venture Smarter launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives with a pilot project in Cincinnati, OH. City, county, state, and regional leaders have collaborated around a community driven smart cities platform entitled "Smart Cincy" that represents a regional leadership group, hundreds of businesses, and dozens of educational and government institutions.

OUTCOMES - Smart City Goals, Smart City Leadership, collaborations around actual projects, new access to funding sources, sounds longterm planning, inclusive and community driven efforts

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Local government and community groups have collaborated with industry and academic groups to create a self-sustaining smart city model. It does not take millions of dollars to rally around smart city ideas - it just take collaboration and support.