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Collaboration drives smart city success stories


Venture Smarter is a technology and strategy company that is building digital tools to help leaders navigate smart cities and digital transformation projects. We believe that by making it easier to connect to partners, solutions, opportunities, and resources, that we can help our partners save money, reduce stress, and ultimately compress the time to realizing smart cities and their impactful outcomes. At its core, Venture Smarter helps leaders in the space cut costs, generate revenue, and save valuable time.



Venture Smarter was born out of a need to bring cohesiveness to smart city technology, policy, and community planning. We are dedicated to democratizing the smart city planning process and supporting interoperable solutions that create better places to live, work, and visit.

We care about standards, so we launched the IEEE working group to create P2784, The Guide for the Technology and Process to Build A Smart City. We also care about impact. So we launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives to give leaders the tools to build smart and connected communities with solutions that reach beyond municipal limits focused on connectivity, mobility, and resilience.

Venture Smarter recently previewed a community portal for individual members, and has a number of exciting announcements planned for 2018 including an artificial intelligence to support smart city planning, an index to track smart cities and solutions, and a resource tool-kit for governments including planning guidelines, solution certifications, and several forms of project financing.

This means we help governments create and grow smart and connected infrastructure efforts that support residents, businesses, and visitors without straining municipal budgets. This means we help university leaders build impact and research communities around smart and connected technologies to push the limits of integrated research efforts.

And this means we work with businesses to capitalize on a growing market by building and deploying solutions that improve people's lives. Naturally, we work with each of these stakeholders as well as community groups to create, launch, and maintain public-private partnerships that use technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people.



Don't just take it from us

It’s these connections between different stakeholders that can help solve real problems in cities today.
— Mike Stanley, CEO of Transit X
Outstanding concept! It’s kind of like matchmaking for emerging ideas and the powers who can bring them to market. Incredible minds, boundless energy, and determination to serve our world with the right kinds of change.
— Melissa Kirby, CIO of SocialHive
Venture smarter has helped me get insights into problems realized by my core focus client base so they can match my solutions with their core issues.
— Jon Salisbury, CTO of Nexigen

Working hard behind the scenes